Introduction to my art
The importance of this artwork is hard to judge, because the conversation itself can travel in circles.
To help to break this cycle, let’s introduce some names;
Jesus Christ. Guru Nanak. Buddha. Krishna. Muhammad. Moses.

For Science you have;
Charles Hilton. Edwin Hall. Henri Poincare. Isaac Newton. Steve Hawkins. Thomas Edison. August Möbius. Nicola Tesla, and Einstein.

For Philosophy you have;
Aristotle. Plato. Rene discards. Giorgio Bruno, and Freud.

And for Art you have;
Salvador Dali. Leonardo da Vinci. Pablo Picasso.

All these wonderful people have one thing in common;
Either they energized the fourth dimension, or they tried to study/ paint it.

Thus, it is an important subject, within the different sectors ;
Science, religion, philosophy, art.

By studying these mathematical formulae, the following questions can be studied;

  1. What is the crucial difference between the third dimension and other dimensions?
  2. Are all equals the same?
  3. The law of polarisation?
  4. The law of position?
  5. The law of entrance?
  6. What are the sizes of other dimensions and how do they compare to the third dimension?
  7. Does the law of supply and demand apply in other dimensions and if so what does it look like?
  8. What is the Primal overall Direction of the force?
  9. We have three primary colours which we know. What are the primary colours in the other dimension?
  10. Can we Express loudness in a 2-dimensional form?
    What a fantastic time to be alive!!

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